"An excellent read!

As a retired airline director and someone who has spent a considerable portion of their lifetime flying around the world, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It brought back some of the excitement of aviation from a time that really was not that long ago.

When you consider how far aviation has come from the early 1900's, Boeing 747's the Concorde, the Airbus 380, and a man on the moon; it is hard to believe so much has been accomplished in less than 120 years.

We owe much to Eugene Ely and those daring young men in their flying machines. The world would be a very different place had they not had the nerve and spirit to go for it!

A must read for aviation and military enthusiasts, history buffs, or those who enjoy reading stories of our early brave pioneers who had that "can do" attitude.

Thank you Bill for bringing Eugene's story and accomplishments to print and giving him the long overdue recognition he so richly deserves."
  Dirk J. Siedlecki.

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Eugene Ely, Daredevil Aviator

In the year and a half before he crashed into the earth and died at age 25, Iowa farm boy Eugene Ely had already flown his Curtiss biplane hundreds of times in towns and major cities across the United States. By then, he was world famous—the first man to fly onto and off a ship, yet now, over a century later, he’s nearly forgotten; his life story never completely told before.

In Eugene Ely, Daredevil Aviator, published by McFarland & Company, Ely’s story finally comes to life. Not only is his the story of a growing boy eager and anxious to do something really important, but also the story of the woman he fell in love with—his wife, Mabel. She was the adoring engine that pushed Eugene high into the sky and into the fame he sought.

But fame often comes with a price, and that’s when Eugene began to have doubts. He knew each flight brought him closer to the death that had taken so many of his aviator friends, yet he masked his fear with a smile and a joke. He and Mabel HAD planned his escape, but they ran out of time.

It’s a life that reads like fiction or a movie script, but it actually happened.

Eugene Ely, Daredevil Aviator, the untold story of a forgotten pioneer aviator.

"Well written. ... Thoroughly researched and documented.

It's easy to see that the author spent years on this story."

- M. Emmens  

William M. Miller

"This work soars!

Very interesting and well written story.

Thoroughly researched and documented story of the very early days of aviation.

It's easy to see that the author spent years on this story of one of the least known pioneers of aviation!"

- M. Emmens

“True story for the moviemakers to consider.

This was a real thrill to see this book go into print having been a contributor with some of the photos and related by marriage to Mabel Ely, Eugene's charming wife.

Having an opportunity to discuss the workings on this book with Bill Miller, seeing it finally in print was amazing.

After reading this biography so well written, which contained the emotional aspects of this person's short life, I became so engrossed and felt strongly that it should be read by more people.

In my estimation, it should be made into a miniseries/movie because it contains the history of aviation that has not been covered previously .... with truism, excitement, action, and even romance.

This was truly a labor of love on the part of the author.

Thank you, Bill, for giving the family of Mabel Ely the "gift" we had all been waiting for.”

- D. Dunlop