"Well written. ... Thoroughly researched and documented.

It's easy to see that the author spent years on this story."

- M. Emmens  

history Snoopin'

true tales of Oregon


Northern California

The human dream is always there—the dream that says there must be a better life—perhaps even a paradise—somewhere.

Rather than history on the grand scale of presidents, conquerors, and those endless dates to memorize, this collection of stories is history on a personal level—a walk or a drive  to where people—who just happen to be gone—cried, laughed, and lived their lives—just as we do every day.

From pioneers, railroad engineers, fearless aviators, unconquerable women, battle hardened vets, and one foulmouthed cockatoo—here are a few stories published by a Southern Oregon historian—and a history columnist and newspaper reporter.

This book is for the curious history snooper who is fascinated by the past, yet never quite satisfied with what they were told.

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William M. Miller